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Rapid Delivery or Drive-through Customer Pickup

With our fleet of delivery vehicles Mississauga Steel Mart can deliver across Southern Ontario in an average of one to two days. Our fleet ranges from five-ton flatbeds to rapid delivery pickup trucks to ensure that our customers receive their orders as quickly as possible. Additionally, in 2022 Mississauga Steel Mart opened its Same Day Drive-Through customer pickup lane for the easiest and quickest pickups in the industry.

Production Cutting/Cut to Size Service

Mississauga Steel Mart has an extensive selection of production saws used to cut our customers’ orders to their exact specification. Whether it is one cut or a thousand our team can service your needs. Our in-house saws can cut up to 22” diameter.

Sheet Metal Shearing

 Mississauga Steel Mart provides shearing in thicknesses from 24 gauge to 0.500” and up to 144” long. Our team can assist with both large production orders and single cuts.

Sheet Metal Forming

Mississauga Steel Mart’s 220 TON Dener Brake Press can form ¼” steel up to 144” long, ½” steel up to 72” long, and ¾” up to 12” long. Our team of experienced operators can handle even the most complicated bending jobs, please contact us to discuss your projects.


Mississauga Steel Mart’s 60”x120” Flow Waterjet table can cut up to 6” thick. Our experienced team can help with both large production jobs as well as small artisanal projects and provide the cleanest finished edge of any cutting table.

Flame Cutting

Mississauga Steel Mart’s 96”x240” Flame Cutting table can cut up to 11” thick. Our in-house Flame Cutting Table allows us to complete orders quicker than any cutting houses, with orders often completed in 1-2 days.