Mississauga Steel Mart was established in 1979. Derek Peatling, the founder, was a customer of the steel industry and felt frustration with the levels of service and limited product ranges that were being offered to the industry. Derek made it his goal to establish a full-service steel centre that primarily focused on service, added value and an extensive range of product at competitive prices. This approach was well received in the industry and Mississauga Steel Mart (MSM) gained customer loyalty and enjoyed rapid growth.

Today MSM has been servicing the industry for more than 30 years and is continuing to grow and further improve its service. The warehouse and production area is one of the first to be equipped with a fully automated material handling and retrieval system providing speedy delivery. We continue to adjust and fine-tune our organization in order to meet and exceed customers’ expectations now and in the future.

More than 30 years of service
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